How to Make a Peeps Wreath

So I got it in my head that I needed to make a wreath out of Peeps last Easter.  I don’t know where it came from, just a need to decorate for the season I guess.  This project cost me a little under $20 and took about 40 minutes to make.  I hung it outside under cover about a week before Easter and it looked even better than I had expected.  It didn’t attract bugs and stayed dry to the touch.

  • 1 foam wreath form, 14-16 inches
  • Wide yellow ribbon, about 4 yards
  • A hot glue gun
  • Lots and lots of Peeps, I used 100

Secure one end of the ribbon to the wreath form with hot glue.  Wrap the ribbon tightly around the wreath form to cover it, using a dot of glue every so often to secure it.


Continue wrapping until the whole wreath form is covered.  Peeps come in boxes of 5.  The chicks are stuck together in a row.  Don’t peel them apart.  Glueing them on in their rows gives a more uniform appearance and it takes less time.  Start by glueing a row of Peeps around the inside of the wreath form.

Continue glueing the rows in concentric circles, making sure the Peeps are all facing the same direction.  As you get to the end of the circle you may need only one or two Peeps to fill in the empty spots.  I found that most of the time the rows of 5 fit perfectly around the wreath form.  I also found that it was easier to apply the hot glue to the wreath and then stick the Peeps down, rather than applying the glue to the Peeps.  You may need to add dots of glue under the tails of the Peeps to secure the rows.  Finish with the outside bottom row of the wreath.  Mine is hanging on a nail that is nailed into the house.  I went with classic yellow, but I loved the look of the pink Peeps.


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  1. ChgoJohn says:

    Ya gotta love it! Thanks for sharing.

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