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Peppermint Oreo Truffles

So easy, these are not really even a recipe, more of a method.  You can mix and match Oreo flavors with your favorite spices and extracts. Done in 20 minutes, start to finish! 1 package of regular Oreos 1 brick … Continue reading

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Sicilian Almond Cookies

Anything almond flavored is nostalgic for me.  The smell of almond extract transports me back to my childhood summer visits to Sicily.  Once, when visiting my Nonna’s house in Siracusa, my dad arrived with a platter of bakery-bought almond cookies.  … Continue reading

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Almond Apricot Amaretti

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Hands down, my family’s favorite holiday cookie! Amaretti are traditional Italian cookies made with almonds, sugar, and egg whites.  If you buy amaretti they are usually quite crispy and crunchy.  These amaretti are soft and chewy…

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Festive Aperol Spritz

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Aperol, where have you been all my life? You delicious, bitter-in-a-good-way, orangey, golden-pink, teensy-bit-sweet, apertivo! If you like Manhattans, or other not-too-sweet and slightly bitter flavors, you will really enjoy Aperol.  It’s an Italian apertivo that’s…

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Holiday Gifts Roundup

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Here are my favorite gift ideas for the season.  The chewy chocolate ginger cookies I make every year without fail, and they freeze beautifully, so you could make them today. Just click on the links below…

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