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Make-Ahead Veggie Strata

I love to have people over for brunch. I am in favor of any event that gives me an excuse to drink champagne during daylight hours.  What I don’t love is getting up early to cook, so I like to … Continue reading

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Top Secret Blueberry Smoothie

I know, everybody makes smoothies and no one really needs a recipe.  But did you know that you could get your kids to happily eat handfuls of raw spinach several times a week?  The trick is to disguise the spinach … Continue reading

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Spinach Fritters

Here is a great technique when you want to do something a little more interesting with your vegetables.  I had some extra spinach from another recipe and this was the perfect use for it.  Even the kids happily gobbled them … Continue reading

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In Love With Leftovers #2 Roasted Potato Frittata

My mother always says, “When life gives you leftover roasted potatoes, make a frittata”.  No, she doesn’t actually say that, but she did give me some tips on how to make a great frittata.  As a matter of fact, my … Continue reading

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Pizza with Pancetta and Spinach

Pizza with Pancetta and Spinach Some of my favorite memories of Italy involve pizza, and since one of those trips was my honeymoon, that’s really saying something.   One of my least favorite things about American pizza is that it often … Continue reading

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In Love with Leftovers #1 Chicken Salad

So I made the chicken tikka last night and even though it was delicious, we ended up with a little left over.  My first thought was, chicken salad sandwiches, but we were out of mayo.  So I turned it into a flavorful salad.  … Continue reading

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Spaghetti alla Carbonara with a Twist

               Spaghetti alla Carbonara with a Twist I make this dish a little differently every time, depending on what I have on hand.  The basic recipe of spaghetti with bacon and eggs is updated with some lemon and fresh … Continue reading

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