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Spinach and Beet Green Salad with Broiled Zucchini and Basil Vinaigrette

Salad for dinner.  It’s hot. It’s even too hot to go outside and grill the zucchini. The broiler heats up and cooks quickly so it’s a doable stand in for the grill on a sweltering day. How long has it … Continue reading

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Summer Tomato Salad

Here is the salad we’ve been waiting for all summer.  You just can’t make a tomato salad out of season.  Our patience has been rewarded with heirloom perfection! 1 lb. ripe heirloom tomatoes- this was done with mostly cherry tomatoes, … Continue reading


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Chicken Basil Tacos

So I had planned to make chicken tacos with pico de gallo.  I started chopping up all the ingredients and realized I didn’t have any cilantro!  Since cilantro is one of the main ingredients in my pico I thought I … Continue reading

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Meatless Monday Thai Eggplant Curry

Meatless Monday Thai Eggplant Curry In an effort to cut down on meat, we have jumped on the “Meatless Monday” bandwagon.  For me, cooking vegan is sort of like a dare.  I enjoy the challenge of it.  I like to use … Continue reading

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